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Megasquirt V8 MS1X and MS2X Wiring Looms - An overview.

Flavour Pic The quality of any EFI install - not just a Megasquirt system - ANY EFI install is only as good as the wiring.
If the quality of the wires used, the various connections, joins, soldering and plugs are not 'top notch', it's always going to be unreliable and troublesome, and be a constant disapointment with you trying to track down problems and issues. The benefits of a professionally made wiring loom cannot be over stated.

We used to sell 'DIY' Kits - whilst these were very popular, we found that for many customers wiring was just not their 'Forte', caused tears, or put them off the idea of a Megasquirt upgrade completely. We were asked by many to do fully built looms, and, as 'Plug n Play' Looms as we possibly could.

So, after a lot of considerations (and my own drama) we did exactly that. These were so succesful we stopped the DIY kits.

We do 2 different looms. Namely 'MS1 Looms' and 'MS2 Looms' which are made and configured to work with our ECUs and other parts.
Note : There are many many MANY ways Megasquirt ECU can be built, so our looms may well NOT work on other Megasquirt ECU built elsewhere.

This page is therefore more about showing you what our looms are like, and why we and customers think that they are just superb. !

These are made for us, ( my wiring skills are appalling, so I was always able to symphatise with customers who wanted a custom made loom !. ).

This finally came about after I had a cough ... 'rather severe' .... electrical fire on my own Land Rover 90 - which damaged my own Megasquirt (it involved a tree me not paying attention off road and some rather bad luck) - and the idea of custom made profesional looms being made was born.

Listed below, with some pictures is information about the two types of loom we supply. Beautifully made, super easy and quick to fit, all labelled, new high quality plugs and fittings. Makes for a easy, super relaible install. And for ultimate protection all have their own fuse and relay box and 'Maxi' Fuse.

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Megasquirt V8 - MS1X Loom

The MS1 and MS2 Looms both share many of the same parts, but both are built to the same very high quality and exacting standards.

For example, all our looms have their own independent Relay Box AND Fuse box built in. This means it's a safe loom - with all the fuses and relays profesionally set up, and making for a super easy installation.

Similarly, If you are familiar with Rover V8 standard loom wiring, you'll know that the plugs fitted to the 8 injectors are near impossible to get off without risking damage - so, all the injector plugs on both our looms have the 'sprung type' plugs making on / off simple operation - and safe from damage.

To make the install as easy as we can, all plugs and all wires are labelled with heatshrink as to what they are and where they go. ALL plugs and connector are new - ( With the exception of the MS1X Loom which uses an original EDIS 8 Module and plug which is fitted as not avaiable new ! )

There is also on the main + Battery feed wire a HUGE 'Maxi Blade' fuse, so, if you do something really daft like a spanner over the battey etc the maxi fuse does its job and saves your wiring loom !

The MS1 looms are fitted for 'PWM' Control, which if you don't fit we suggest you tape up the plug to make it waterproof etc, but should you wish later - its all there.

All our MS1 Looms can come with or with a Tacho / Rev Counter feed built in. Detail is everywhere - for eaxmple the 'Coolant' sensor plug is Blue vs all the numbered injector plugs being Black, the VR sensor plug is Grey and labelled, and the PWM Controller plug is Brown.

It is as 'Plug n Play' as we can possibly make it. The wires you need to conect are. Main Battery 'Positive' and 'Negative'. Fuel Pump (2 wires) and your TPS on the engine - which is one of the few parts you use - 3 wires into a plug (supplied and fitted to the loom itself. ). Lambda Sensor wires - should you want / have to use it - (if you can don't ! - 'Lambda' and 'Cats' sap BHP !!) oh - and lastly and a Rev Counter wire should you want - Everything else is a new labelled plug !

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Megasquirt V8 - MS2X Loom

The MS2X Loom has all of the specification just as the MS1 Loom, but with a few changes and additions.

The first is we do not use EDIS8 on MS2X looms, as the more powerful MS2 processor allows us to use VW / Audi 'Hi Output' Coil Packs that have their own coil drivers inside.

Additionally MS2X can drive a IAC / PWM and / or a Stepper Motor (ring if you want to find out more) so, MS2X Looms are wired with all these options. You choose which you want - and we load the ECU for you accordingly.

MS2X Looms ALL have lambda wiring (if you really need to / have to - horrible things LOL) ,and all MS2 Looms have Tacho / Rev Counter outputs too.

Other than the above the looms are very very similar. The various pictures show you in more detail of both the looms themselves.