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Differentials - Options + Upgrades & Services Available

Flavour Pic Welcome to Xcess 4x4 Specialists in Land Rover Differentials. Over the last 14 years we have done pretty much everything and anything you can think of - from a 'Simple Rebuild' to sorting out Customers Differentials in states you can barely believe - (Erm..Look Right !...and then below ...) ... Yes that is a 'Before & After' Ashlocker that came to us for some 'Severe Loving' ... it lived again ...and is still going strong !.

One of the things that really annoys us is when people are basically just 'Ripped Off'. Companies are sadly out there that will send you a so called 'Re-Conditioned' Differential, where there is far more "Con' in it than much 'Re'. We also have sometimes to sort out these so called Reconditioned units - Nasty chinese bearings, corners cut, pinion height and preloads wrong, poor quality pattern parts, and so on. We do the best we can with every unit and trade on reputation recommendation and referral .See our 'Customer Feedback' Page.

We build all differentials using the best products and upgrades we can find, we call this our 'Ultra Build Spec'. Rather than try and explain what exactly this is, and why it is so worthwhile we have made a little video. Although this video about our 'Ultra Build' is also with one of our 'Pegged Casings', the build process is the same.

So, Pegged Casing or a Standard Casing - it's the same process watch our 'Ultra Build' Video.

Here is what goes in to one of our Rebuilds Click for Customer Phil Talbots ARB RD56 Rebuild Video, This was an ARB sent to us which landed for some 'Desperate Lovin'... Its a typical type of rebuild, and a typical finished unit that leaves here ready to work again. Or... for a real bit of 'Anoraky Differential Building' try this ! :1949 Split Nose Differential Rebuild - Huge Attention to detail ?..or.. 'High on the 'Barking Mad Scale' ? Meh...

Below is some useful information explaining what you can do to improve your Land Rover Differentials. Also visit our Differential Video Page which is full of 'Technical Videos', designed to give clear understanding to help you make an informed decision. Careful consideration should be given as to what you choose to upgrade to, before just diving in and save you making an expensive mistake.

The majority of Land Rover Differentials are called 'Long Nose' - Series LRs having 4.7:1 Ratios, the rest 3.54:1. These all have the standard exceptionally weak '2 Pin Centre', which is actually just 1 cross pin. They break very easily, there is nothing that can be done to strengthen this unit - the weakness is the centre itself, as such we do not undertake any work on '2 Pin' units. Yes, we are proud to be official Ashcroft Dealers - simple because they have the best CW&Ps and Lockers - Namely the Ashlocker, but we repair everything !

We trade on reputation. We ONLY use the highest quality parts available, such as Timken Bearings, a raft of Genuine LR Parts, many items are Upgraded like the Crown Wheel Bolts - from the Standard Sub 8 Grade to 12.9 Grade, plus many other tweaks which we do as our "Standard Build". We only have the one build option - The best we can do.

Upgrading your Land Rover Differential Centre - What are your Options ?

  • '4 Pin' Centres - Chosen by 'Racers', and owners wanting a seriously tough inexpensive 'Open' Differential
  • LSDs, 'Limited Slip Differentials'. Mainly used in Racing - such as 4x4 'Comp Safari' or Track Days
  • ATBs, 'Automatic Torque Biasing'. Mainly used for better all round traction road and off road - but not wanting Lockers
  • 'Auto Locker' - Differentials that lock when traction lost 'Automatically' - superseded now by 'Manual Lockers'
  • 'Manual Switched Lockers' - 'Open Diff' or Fully Locked Diff with Drive to both axle wheels whatever the situation. The Ultimate.

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Upgrading CW&Ps & Ratio Changing for improved Gearing

The vast majority of LRs use 3.54 Ratio, Series being 4.7. Changing for bigger tyres has serious bad side affects making your 4x4 'Over Geared'. 'Over Gearing' affects performance dreadfully, often 5th gear becoming next to useless. Changing CW&P Ratios resets this and literally 'transforms' your 4x4s performance beyond any recognition. It's that big a deal ! see here What's Overgearing ? - Before & After Video

Standard CW&Ps are quite weak and prone failure. The HD CW&Ps in the correct ratio, not only corrects your gearing, but also gives you a far stronger unit too. Many people just change the Transfer Box Ratio, not realising that this only changes 'On Road' High Range, Low Range - 'Off Road Driving' remains unchanged !.

So, which Ratio ?. We are experts on this and have designed our own Gearing Calculator Program It's free to use - have a play on the calculator and ring us to chat through your thoughts - we have done ratio changes so many times - and if you are thinking of a ratio change it's important you get the ratio right - 1st time . Sometimes we have good used HD CWPs in various ratios - which can save a considerable amount of money if we have them.

Upgraded Stronger Differentials - The Key Areas to Consider.

  • 1st - Change the Centre
  • 2nd - 'Pegging' What's Differential Pegging Video - makes a massive difference to the units strength at March 2019 527 made and 525 still working ! - we rarely see these fial
  • 3rd - Heavy Duty Crown Wheel Pinion Sets - and the correct ratio (see 'Gearing' video)
  • 4th - Our 'Oil Vane' Upgrade to aid lubrication
  • 5th - If an Ashlocker - Consider our 'TabLock' Upgrade System (see Tab-Lock page for full details)

The Centre is without Doubt No 1. - Have a look at the 'A-Z of Land Rover differentials page and see the Pros and Cons of each

Flavour Pic With regards to 'Pegging' we would argue a properly built and set up 'Locker' with a Megasquirt V8 'Pegged Casing' Making a Pegged Casing Video (We manufacturer our own) will be a stronger set up than the same differential 'UnPegged' with a HD CW&P. 'Pegging' makes that much difference !

Xcess4x4s Oil Vane upgrade

The Oil Lubrication system on Land Rover differentials is poor. On the rear Differential the nose of the unit is pointing up, and the oil pushed to the rear as its driven - so the pinion Tail bearing is a classic failure point. Out upgrade places a specially designed Oil Vane to aid the oil distribution and lubrication for a small additional cost. Watch the video to undersatand how it works.

Advice from us is unbiased and free, Email or Ring - info is on the 'Contact Page'.

Here at Xcess4x4 we can and do Builds, Rebuilds, Modify or Upgrade pretty much all and any Differential combinations you can have - or might want. Either taking and using what you have now, and upgrading it, or from scratch, or a mixture of both. We also try to maintain a stock of FULLY Rebuilt Second Hand Differentials (when we say 'Fully Rebuilt' we mean just that - see bottom picture on the right. We strip ALL our builds to complete component bits before we even think if starting any rebuild !) Have a read of our Customer Feedback Page

Following a family bereavement the webshop is closed until further notice
although we are open as a business it may take more time than normal to respond

If you would like something just contact us via email :

Thank you for your understanding at this difficult time