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Megasquirt V8 - For 'Serpentine 4.0 and 4.2 V8 Engines

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Trigger Wheel Kit for the 4.0 & 4.2 Serpentine Rover V8s - Deep Zinc Passivated finish.

Our Trigger Wheel Kit for the 4.0 & 4.2 Serpentine V8. Like our other Trigger Wheels - CNC cut 5mm thick, specifically designed for the 4.0 V8, kit gives superb reliability via its Strength & Quality of signal even when in bonnet deep mud !. 'Slots', as with our other Trigger Wheels allows adjustment to aid setting timing correctly and compensation just in case you don't, around +/- 9 degrees, sometimes needed due to the Crank Pulley Design on these not having a TDC indicator !.

Kits contain CNC Trigger Wheel, CNC Steel 'Spacer' (in case you machine off too a tad too much off the Pulley), CNC 'Locking Ring', and 2 x special 'Flange Head Self-Locking 8.8T Bolts' to mount to the Pulley. Kit is designed to be used in conjunction with the special 4.0 VR Sensor Bracket below. Note : A small amount of machining is required to the rear face of the Pulley to fit this Trigger Wheel, if needed we offer a machining service of £20 Plus return P&P (Supplied in all 4.0 Serpentine Kits). See Installation Video )

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VR Sensor Bracket Kit for 4.0 & 4.2 Serpentine Engines.

These have 3 way adjustment to help with fine tunning of both the 'Air Gap' and Timing position, along with some shims to get the VR sensor central to the trigger wheel , the 2nd picture shows this kit in the fully fitted Position, with the Trigger Wheel Mounted. (Supplied in all 4.0 Serpentine Kits)

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Replacement TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) Plug - For 4.0 & 4.2 Serpentine V8s.

The 4.0 has a different type of TPS - there are no wires on it coming out - instead the TPS has a special plug which locks into it. As such the plug is often missing, as it is part of the loom. Even if you are lucky enough to have the plug and some wires, it means 3 x joins that are not needed. This is a Brand new plug kit - with pins and Grommets and silicone rubber boot to suit (NOT Supplied in 4.0 Serpentine Kits - Optional Extra)

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4.0 & 4.2 GEMS Coil Pack Waterproof Power Plugs

The Standard 4.0 & 4.2 GEMS Conversion kits use the existing Coil Packs, mountings, and Ignition leads, (although you can if you wish upgrade to our Ford G1 Type Coil Packs if required) These Plugs for the Coil Packs, are new, waterproof and complete with Grommets, Pins, and a Silicone Bubber Boot in each Kit. Price is for one unit, a GEMS conversion requires 2. (NOT Supplied in all our 4.0 kits)

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4.0 & 4.2 PWM Plenum Conversion kit for PWM Control

The 4.0 & 4.2 EFI Plenum does not have the 'Stepper Motor Unit' that bolts onto the rear of the Plenum like the other 3.9 Hotwire versions. To run PWM Control on the 4.0 GEMS Plenum (giving tickover stability and Automatic Cold Start control) you require 3 x Parts. This is Part 1. This unit bolts to the rear of the 4.0 Plenum. (Part 2 and 3 are listed below) - This is NOT supplied in Standard 4.0 Kits - All 3 parts are Optional Extras

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4.0 & 4.2 AFM Tube - For MAT sensor AND for PWM Control

Part 2. For the PWM Control you require this AFM replacment tube, which takes the both the MS MAT Sensor on the top, and has an additional 'Input Port' for the PWM Controller Kit. This AFM Kit comes with all fixings, and, as can be seen in the picture (2) can use the standard Plenum to AFM Air Hose if wished. (Part 3 - the PWM Controller kit - is listed below.) This is NOT supplied in Standard 4.0 Kits - All 3 parts are Optional Extras.

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3.9 Serpentine PWM Control Kit - Pre Loved 'Genuine Bosch' Controller unit

This Controller is a good used genuine bosch unit.

Whilst these might be used - the genuine bosch units are really well made, we don't see these new as they are over £190 !!.

As above - this kit is designed to give you PWM Control on your engine. PWM control is already built and programmed into all our ECUs, so connect it up and it will work straight away. and it is programmable, so you can fine tune the tickover control and the cold start settings to suit you and your engine. The PWM Kits are again Engine Specific, this one is designed for the 3.9 Serpentine. Kit comes complete with new hoses, a screw in Allen Bung for the Stepper Motor hole, and a New PWM Control unit. Whilst not essential for a MS conversion (indeed many racers just don't bother with it, it is however a 'Nice to have' and makes for a more civilised engine both in starting from cold and helping to give a rock-solid tickover ) (This is an OPTIONAL EXTRA on all 3.9 Serpentine Kits).

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AFM (Air Flow Meter standalone unit)

We now do 3 Models of the 'Megasquirt V8 AFM (Air Flow Meter) Replacement Units'. The 1st is complete replacement unit, and is more suited to those who really need the absolute confidence of having a more waterproof solution. This Model completely replaces the original AFM Assembly which can then be sold. It is designed to replace the AFM where currently fitted, and is secured by 2 Hoses – 1 Hose between Plenum and the Unit, the other between the unit and Air Filter Housing + Snorkel. The MAT sensors supplied by us are a direct fitment into this assembly. (These are NOT supplied in our Standard Kits and are an Optional Extra.)

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AFM (Air Flow Meter replacement - Uses part of a 3.9 AFM Unit)

The 2nd option is the Model shown opposite. This unit uses the end part of an existing 3.9 Hotwire AFM Assmebly which bolts to the end of the new replacement AFM flange with suitable sealer (LR STC50550 is recomended). This reassembled unit then allows the standard V8 Air Filter Housing to be clipped back into place and maintains everything in the standard position within the engine bay. However, this factory join from AFM to Air Filter Box is sealed with just 2 x O rings, and for deep water wading this factory seal can fail, hence why in competition the complete replacement unit is more often used

However, as a huge Bonus either unit (as can be seen from the picture) offers a vast increase in air flow through the larger unrestricted Gap, which in turn offers an increase in performance which Megasquirt will take advantage of ! (These are NOT supplied in our Standard Kits and are an Optional Extra.)

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AFM (Air Flow Meter replacement - 'Le Stubby')

The 3rd option is the 'Le Stubby' - These are as a result of being asked for something very very short where space is a premium. So, these are just 70mm long including being flared both ends. The actual 'Mounting Boss' for the Sensor is 20mm, so, if you add say a hose and have it 25mm inserted into each end, then in effect the unit takes up just 20mm !. Deep Passivate finished, good for those engine bays like mine - that have 'Aaaargh ...bugger all room' problem . (These are NOT supplied in our Standard Kits and are an Optional Extra.)