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Megasquirt V8 - For 'V Belt' 3.5 & 3.9 V8 Engines

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3.5 or 3.9 or 4.2 EFI V Belt Trigger Wheel, VR Sensor Bracket, Twin Coil Pack Bracket and VR Sensor Kit For Ford Generation 1 with Edis 8 Installations

Specifically designed for the 'V' Belt V8 Engine types listed in this section, and for use with the Ford Generation 1 Coil Packs.
This Kit contains our 5mm Trigger Wheel (its thickness gives reliability in both wheel strength and high quality system signal - even in bonnet deep mud)- specifically made for these variants, with 'Slots' to allow adjustment to aid setting timing correctly - and gives ability for compensation for wrong timing if you don't get it quite right ! (around +/- 9 degrees).

A CNC Steel 'Spacer' ring gives the correct 'Spacing Gap' from the 'Pulley Wheel', plus a CNC 'Locking Ring' which acts like a giant washer when all bolted up.

These all have a deep 'Zinc Passivation' finish, and come complete with 6 x new Bolts (as the standard ones will be too short), 6 new nylocs, and is designed to be used in conjunction with our 'VR Sensor Mounting Kit' which is included and detailed below. Click here for an installation video: See Installation Video

The Twin Coil Pack mounting kit has every nut screw bolt washer spacer needed for simple professional quick quality installation. Again in a Deep passivated finish, the mounting holes for the 8 x 'Coil Pack' bolts are pre-drilled and tapped ready to fit. This will, with minor modifications also fit Rover V8 Carb engines, but again is designed specifically for the Rover V8 V Belt EFI Engines in this section.

The VR Sensor Bracket is also specifically designed to be used in conjunction with this kit for 'V Belt' V8 Engines - and uses the existing 'V Belt' Timing Cover Mountings.
It has been designed for use with a Ford Type VR Sensor (also included in the kit and listed below), in a Passivated finish, with all fittings supplied.< >/br> These are made to have the ability to have "Fine Adjustment" for getting the 'Air Gap' between the VR Sensor and the Trigger Wheel "Spot On"

The last part of this kit is a new Quality Brand New Ford VR Sensor. We avoid pattern parts in 'white boxes' nobody wants to own up to making.
This is one of the key components in the system, do you really want to use a cheap poor quality pattern part, or one from a scrap yard with 100,000+ miles use ?.!!!

This kit will Take the 'Ford Generation 1' Ford Coil Packs, which are used often used with a EDIS Module, the later VW Audi Coil Packs will NOT fit this kit, but they will with the addition of our Coil adapter plates, and that kit is listed below.

(ALL of the above are supplied in all 3.5 3.9 4.2 'V Belt' Kits)

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3.5 or 3.9 or 4.2 EFI 'V Belt' Trigger Wheel, VR Sensor Bracket, Twin Coil Pack Bracket and VR Sensor Kit For VW Audi Coil Pack Installations

Specifically designed for the 'V' Belt V8 Engine types listed in this section, the contents are exactly as in the previous listing above - but with the addition of a Pair of our CNC Coil pack adapter kit plates

The later VW / Audi Coil Packs are a common unit accross many modern cars including VWs Audi Skodas etc

P/Ns : 032905106E 032905106B and other variants - but coils can be seen in the picture opposite.

So, in this kit you get all of the parts in the previous Kit listing PLUS we have our CNC 'Adapter Plate Kits' allowing these later VW Audi coils to now be used.
The 2 x adapter plates come complete with Tower Spacers, bolts washers etc.

So, Just to be clear - This Kit is designed to take the later VW Audi Coil Packs, and has all the contents in the previous Kit listed above PLUS 2 x CNC cut Adapter Plate kits

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COMPLETE 3.9 Style Air Flow Meter Replacement Unit

We have managed to source a small number of 3.9 V8 Hotwire type Air Flow Meters, where we are able to remove the end plates, fix to our own AFM replacement tube and offer a COMPLETE unit. The small additional cost of buying this outright is more than offset by selling a Working 3.9 Hotwire AFM on ebay vs cannibalising it !. These are sold as an 'outright' unit No surcharge, and can then be connected directly to the special 3.9 Air Filter Box through the mounting system

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Outright purchase


With exchange unit

Refurbished V Belt type Dinky Dizzy

On 'V Belt' Rover V8s, although the Distributor is no longer used when Megasquirted, the distributor is still required as it is needed to drive the engines oil pump. However, for serious off road use the old Distributor represents a significant danger for water entry. This replacement unit takes care of both issues. Sealed & now Waterproof, these come fully refurbished, complete with a fixed Machined Aluminium Top and even a new Genuine LR Distributor 'O' ring for sealing. Available either Outright at £160, or, if a Unit is given in exchange £75 The Exchange unit MUST be a like for like variant but it doesn't need to be in working order. (These are NOT supplied in our Standard Kits and are an Optional Extra.)

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Range Rover OEM High Pressure Fuel pump

If you are moving to EFI From Carbs, or just need a new decent OEM High Pressure Fuelling pump that won't break the bank ? Then this is a good choice. Brand New, OEM (early) Range Rover Classic - so made for the V8 EFI systems - works perfectly with all Hotwire fuel rail PRVs !. Good enough and man enough to power my Modified %.2 Rover V8 !. Chosen for being robust relaible, 2 wire connection and more than man enough - and cheap !. Easily fitted to most fuel tanks, Length by changing rubber hose, shorten by shortening steel tube !. Comes complete with gasket. Easy to fit to most tanks, as its a simple hole to cut, then fix through the top mount with 5 screws or nutserts. This fits the same holes as the Carb Low pressure pumps so almost a straight swap ! NOTE : This NOT part of the standard Kit and is an Optional Extra

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Complete 3.5 or 3.9 or 4.2 EFI V Belt PWM Control Kit Pre Loved Genuine Bosch PWM Controller unit with Mounting Bracket Kit

We have managed to source a number of good used genuine Bosch units (the pattern ones are dire and die in weeks !).
So, whilst these might be used - the Genuine Bosch Units are really well made, we don't buy these in new as they are over £190 + VAT !!.

This kit is designed to give you 'PWM Control' on your engine. PWM control is in simple terms a 'Cold Start' / 'Auto choke' facility and also helps stabilise tickover.
The programming for these is already built and programmed into all our ECUs, so connect it up and it will work straight away.
It is actually programmable, so you can fine tune your tickover control and the cold start settings to suit you and your engine.

The PWM Kits are again Engine Specific, this one is designed for the 3.5 / 3.9 / 4.2 'V' Belt Engines.

The Kit comes complete with new hoses, a conversion Bung for the 'Stepper Motor' hole, and a PWM Control unit.
Whilst not essential to run MS (many racers just don't bother with it), it really is however a 'Nice to have' and makes for a more civilised engine both in starting from cold and helping to give a rock-solid tickover.)

A CNC laser cut and folded Deep Passivated Mounting Bracket is included, mounting on the rear cylinder head existing holes (see picture).
Contact us if your 'V Belt' engine does NOT have a 'Stepper motor' aluminium mounting bolted on the rear face of your plenum, we can sort out a solution !

A Very popular optional extra on MS1 kits!

(This is an OPTIONAL EXTRA on all MS1 V Belt Kits).

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Air Flow Meter Tube stand alone version

We now do 3 Models of the 'Megasquirt V8 AFM (Air Flow Meter) Replacement Units'. The 1st is complete replacement unit, and is more suited to those who really need the absolute confidence of having a more waterproof solution. This Model completely replaces the original AFM Assembly which can then be sold. It is designed to replace the AFM where currently fitted, and is secured by 2 Hoses – 1 Hose between Plenum and the Unit, the other between the unit and Air Filter Housing + Snorkel. The MAT sensors supplied by us are a direct fitment into this assembly. (These are NOT supplied in our Standard Kits and are an Optional Extra.)

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Air Flow Meter tube which uses part of a 3.9 AFM Unit

The 2nd option is the Model shown opposite. This unit uses the end part of an existing 3.9 Hotwire AFM Assmebly which bolts to the end of the new replacement AFM flange with suitable sealer (LR STC50550 is recomended). This reassembled unit then allows the standard V8 Air Filter Housing to be clipped back into place and maintains everything in the standard position within the engine bay. However, this factory join from AFM to Air Filter Box is sealed with just 2 x O rings, and for deep water wading this factory seal can fail, hence why in competition the complete replacement unit is more often used

However, as a huge Bonus either unit (as can be seen from the picture) offers a vast increase in air flow through the larger unrestricted Gap, which in turn offers an increase in performance which Megasquirt will take advantage of ! (These are NOT supplied in our Standard Kits and are an Optional Extra.)

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Air Flow Meter tube the Le Stubby Version

The 3rd option is the 'Le Stubby' - These are as a result of being asked for something very very short where space is a premium. So, these are just 70mm long including being flared both ends. The actual 'Mounting Boss' for the Sensor is 20mm, so, if you add say a hose and have it 25mm inserted into each end, then in effect the unit takes up just 20mm !. Deep Passivate finished, good for those engine bays like mine - that have 'Aaaargh ...bugger all room' problem . (These are NOT supplied in our Standard Kits and are an Optional Extra.)