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Megasquirt V8 - 'Generic' Parts

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Ford Coil Pack Ignition Lead Ends - Conversion Kit

If you have existing good quality Ignition Leads then they can be re-used via changing the Coil Pack Ends with this kit. This is for the Generation 1 Type Ford Coils, which we prefer due to high spark output (Circa 40,000 volts), reliability, and waterproofness). he Megasquirt-V8 Ignition Lead Conversion Kit gives you 8x New Coil Pack ‘End Cap Hoods’, new ‘Silicone Boots’ and new ‘Stainless Steel Terminals’ for you to make the changes. Yes you can tramp around scrap yards, buy 100,000+ mile ones, find they have gone hard and brittle, stab yourself repeatedly trying to get them apart, break loads undoing them, and break more trying to reuse them, or for £17.00 for a set of 8 have all new - save yourself a huge amount of time and pain (literally!) (Supplied in our Kits)

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ECU To Computer Serial Lead.

Brand New Lead, With the correct Male Female 9 pin plugs and wired the Correct Way for Megasquirt Essential for Engine Monitoring and Tuning, a Quality Lead with screw in plugs to remain in place for tuning on the move.(Supplied in our Kits)

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Brand New 'Fuel Parts' Generation 1 'Ford' Coil Packs

Second hand units will be by age up to 20 years old and moon mileages - they do not last forever, and we have Brand New 'Fuel Parts' Generation 1 'Ford' Coil Packs. Be aware that many of the 'aftermarket' / Pattern Coils are hideous quality and not only can fail but can destroy the ECU when the do so. These Fuel Parts units are high quality and high outputs (Circa 40,000v), good reliability, and low cost. Additionally, for 'off' road use the Ignition Lead connections at the Coil end offer superior Waterproofing to anything else we have seen or tested. We can supply brand new Genuine 'Ford' Coil Pack Plugs, or if you have 2nd Hand Plugs, kits to replace all the pins and grommets to make as good as new. All our Coil Pack Mounting Kits are specifically designed to take the Ford G1 Coil Modules. (2x Supplied in our Kits)

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VR Sensor.

‘Fuel Parts’ is widely regarded as one of the best Quality Brands out there, and hence our choice. Avoid pattern parts in white boxes nobody wants to own up to making. This is one of the key components in the system, do you really want to use a cheap poor quality pattern part or one from a scrap yard with 100,000+ miles use ?. (Supplied in our Kits)

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Brand New Quality 4 Wire HEATED Lambda Sensor.

‘Fuel Parts’ 4 wire heated Lambda Sensor unit. You need this mainly for tuning with the Software and minor corrections when driving. These should be mounted in the Y part of the Exhaust. Again like the VR Sensor avoid cheap white box brands, as they can be poor quality and give inaccurate tuning results. We have sold these now for some years, yes, we can find cheaper, no, we can’t find better. (Supplied in our Kits)

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Lambda Weld On Steel Bung.

A CNC Machined Steel Lambda Mounting Boss is required in the exhaust to enable a Lambda Sensor to be fitted. Our boss is designed in a Top Hat design. The idea being these are easier to weld, as the hole cut in the exhaust allows the smaller bottom half of the mounting to locate and sit at the correct height, whilst the Top half gives better gap coverage allowing an easier and better finished result after welding.(Supplied in our Kits)

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Lambda Weld On Stainless Steel Bung.

Similar to our Steel CNC Machined Lambda Mounting Boss these are made from High Grade Stainless Steel, similarly requiring welding to the exhaust to enable a Lambda Sensor to be fitted, but are used where the exhaust is Stainless Steel. As with our Steel units - these are also of the Top Hat design, being easier to fit correctly and weld.

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MAT (Manifold Air Temp Sensor) Steel Weld On Bung.

A MAT mounting is required for an Engine MAT Sensor (Manifold Air Temperature Sensor). This is our standard Steel mounting, requiring welding to a suitable part of the Air intake system, we would suggest where the original AFM is now. However many customers instead choose one of our AFM Replacement Units, where this is all done in a complete neat replacement unit – see Optional Extras page.(Supplied in our Kits)

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MAT (Manifold Air Temp Sensor) Aluminium Weld On Bung.

Whilst a MAT mounting is required for mounting the MAT Sensor (Manifold Air Temperature Sensor) some customers want an Aluminium mounting solution. (NOTE : We do NOT recommend that these are TIG welded on to V8 Plenums due to heat soak giving wrong sensor values.) Whilst still popular, since bringing out our AFM Replacement Units, many customers go that route as a simple neat solution, but we continue to offer these for those who want them. These are also the Top Hat design.

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MAT Sensor.

‘Fuel Parts’ Manifold Air Temperature Sensor. Fits all our replacement AFM Units and MAT weld on mountings. Measuring the Air Temperature entering the engine and being a key ‘Input’ for the Megasquirt ECU System, you want one which is both good quality and with the correct temperature to resistance curve values to match the ECU. This is both, so no reprogramming is required. The same unit is used on all Rover V8s. (Supplied in Kits)

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CTS (Coolant Temperature Sender) Sensor

Genuine Branded 'FAE' CTS - 'Coolant Temperature Sensor' - with correct codes for Megasquirt ECUs. If you suddenly find your engine is running very rich, starts fine but as it warms up gets worse then open 'Megatune', look at the Coolant Guage. If it reads -40 then this sensor has failed. DO NOT Buy an Intermotor unit - you'll be replacing it very soon again, FAE are the highest quality, and this unit is useful to carry as a spare - Hot CTS Sensors do not like ice cold water long term - even FAE ones

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Range Rover OEM High Pressure Fuel pump

If you are moving to EFI From Carbs, or just need a new decent OEM High Pressure Fuelling pump that won't break the bank ? Then this is a good choice. Brand New, OEM (early) Range Rover Classic - so made for the V8 EFI systems - works perfectly with all Hotwire fuel rail PRVs !. Good enough and man enough to power my Modified 5.2 Rover V8 !. Chosen for being robust relaible, 2 wire connection and more than man enough - and cheap !. Easily fitted to most fuel tanks, Length by changing rubber hose, shorten by shortening steel tube !. Comes complete with gasket. Easy to fit to most tanks, as its a simple hole to cut, then fix through the top mount with 5 screws or nutserts. This fits the same holes as the Carb Low pressure pumps so almost a straight swap ! NOTE : This NOT part of the standard Kit and is an Optional Extra

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