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Megasquirt V8 "Spark Control Only" Kits

Megasquirt V8 Spark Control Kits are Engine Specific and contain everything required for a installation to control Spark ONLY, meaning you retain either your Carbs or ECU for Fuelling, We can if you require at a later date supply the remaining parts for you to then upgrade to control Fuel as well. For a Full Install for BOTH Spark AND Fuel see "MS S'nE Kits" section.

  • All Engine Specific Brackets - Trigger Wheel, Twin Coil Pack Mounting, & VR Sensor Mounting
  • Used - 2 x Coil Packs, EDIS 8 & Plug with Pigtail of wire
  • New VR sensor
  • Two new Genuine 'Ford' Coil Power Plug Kits,
  • Coil Plug Ignition Leads Ends Kit,
  • ECU to PC Cable, Shunt Unit
  • Megasquirt V8 “Spark Control” Loom Kit + Megasquirt V8 Build CD with Full Build Manual
  • A Dumpy Dizzy is NOT Supplied in any Kits EXCEPT the V8 Serpentine which has to have one ! -(Otherwise add from the engine specific pages if wanted.)
  • ECU – Choose either Unbuilt or Fully Built & Programmed ready to run (both come with ECU CD*)
  • ECU CD* – All software, back up Program for engine, all wiring Diagrams & Instructions
  • SAVE ! - Cheaper than buying all the above individually & with Insured Delivery - to your door
  Kits with unbuilt ECUs   Kits with fully built ECUs
3.5 V Belts Kit*
Out of Stock
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3.9 V Belts Kit
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3.9 Serpentine Kit
Out of Stock
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*We don’t recommend using the Flapper Injector System as it is.

On 'V8 Flapper' systems we suggest you find a 'Hotwire' Inlet & Injector assembly and upgrade. These can be sourced sometimes reasonably cheaply, and offer a vast improvement over the 'Flapper' items. However, the good news is we try to hold stock of used, but good condition, Top End Hotwire assemblies . For Example the Inlet Manifolds ( with Fuel Rail PRV 8 x Injectors etc ), also Trumpet Bases and Plenum units - to swap over to Hotwire system from Flapper.

Please note : WE DO NOT SELL THESE SEPERATELY, they are reserved to be sold only with Full Kits or Near full kits. Phone or E-Mail For Information - Prices are probably less than you think, as we would rather make it cheap to 'Go Hotwire' than have you try to go and Megasquirt a V8 Flapper System !!!!

For information - Flapper Trumpet Bases and Flapper Plenums are a direct fit to any Hotwire Manifolds / Injector assemblies and a 'Flapper' to 'Hotwire' change over is a simple 'nuts and bolts' swap