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Megasquirt V8 - For 'Serpentine 4.0 4.6 THOR V8 Engines

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Trigger Wheel Kit for the Thor 4.6 V8

The ‘Thor Trigger Wheel Kit’ contains a CNC cut Trigger Wheel, CNC Steel 'lock collar' - for correct stand off gap from Pulley, a CNC Locking Ring plus 2x Special 12.9T Flange Head bolts to secure to the pulley. Designed to be used in conjunction with the Thor VR Sensor Bracket shown below, these are specifically designed for the THOR V8 giving superb reliability via its Strength & Quality of signal even when in bonnet deep mud. A small amount of machining is required to the rear face of the Pulley to fit. In the 1st pic the Trigger wheel is in place, but the locking ring and bolts are not done up, this allows the slots to be seen which allows the wheel to be correctly aligned to TDC. If needed we offer a machining service of £20 + return P&P (Supplied in ALL Thor Kits)

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Thor VR Sensor Mounting Kit

Specifically Made for the Thor Engine, these are able to give multi-adjustment to help with fine tuning of both the 'Air Gap' and TDC Timing position, along with various shims to get the VR sensor central to the Thor Trigger Wheel. (These ARE Supplied in all Thor Kits)

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Thor CTS (Coolant Temperature Sensor) Conversion

The Megasquirt conversion does not use the Complex THOR CTS (Coolant Temperature Sensor) Our unit is a direct replacement, using the existing threaded hole, and is correctly calibrated for the Megasquirt ECUs. The 2nd picture shows THOR sensor and then our new Sensor in its place. (These ARE supplied in all our Thor Standard Kits.)

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Thor 'Inlet Manifold Coolant Take Off' Pipe - Conversion Unit

The Thor engines have a weird 'Take Off Pipe' (which often causes water leaks) on the Inlet Manifold, and is not normally at a 'helpful' angle on conversions. This unit replaces the standard unit, giving far more flexibility for the hosework from it. Additionally the internal 'O Ring' mounting has been CNC machined to be a tighter fit, and comes with a new genuine 'O Ring', know it when these push home into place !. (These ARE supplied in all our Thor Standard Kits.)

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Thor MAT (Manifold Air Temperature Sensor) Conversion

The Megasquirt conversion requires a correctly coded MAT sensor. The sensor we supply shown here can also be screwed striaght into our AFM replacement tubes (see 2nd Picture) which is listed further down below (The MAT Sensor is supplied in ALL our Thor Kits.)

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Thor Thermostat Conversion Kit

THORs engines have a hugely complex external and rather expensive Thermostat "Thing" in the bottom hose !. Kit ontains a CNC Milled and passivated plate (picture shows final prototype) which converts the THOR Inlet Manifold to the more 'traditional' Rover V8 Thermostat Housing Unit (NOT supplied). This allows the use of a more standard top and bottom hose. The Kit comprises of a special CNC Laser cut + Machined adapter plate, all bolts, 2 bolt housing gasket. The centre hole being a thermostat plate with 19mm hole should give 80-85 degrees running temp. NOTE : This will NOT work with the A/C in Place - Remove A/C and then add a 4.0 Serpentine Non A/C Belt. (These are supplied in all our Thor Standard Kits)

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Thor Thermostat Upgrade to Standard Rover V8 Thermostat Conversion Kit

This Popular Upgrade to the unit above allows the fitment of a standard Rover V8 Thermostat Unit.

(This kit is supplied with a 82 degree thermostat and gasket ).

You get a CNC Machined laser cut 20mm base unit plus top hat, a new Thermostat (of your choice) all screws inc the special countersunk bolts, all you need to add is the old style Output Housing from ANY standard Rover V8, or look below for our replacement unit which is STRAIGHT which makes for an easy upgrade

NOTE : This will NOT work with the A/C in place - Remove A/C and then add a 4.0 Serpentine Non A/C Belt. (This is a Optional Extra to thor Kits - and we do not supply the belts either)

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Thor Thermostat 'Top Hose Outlet" Unit - Fits our Thermostat Thor V8 Thermostat Conversion Kit

This unit fits either of our Thermostat / Restrictor Plate Thor Conversions.

See pictures. Get rid of the mad 'Octpopus' and Umbrella bodgifications !

NOTE : This will NOT work with the A/C in Place - Remove A/C and then add a 4.0 Serpentine Non A/C Belt. (This is a Optional Extra to thor Kits - and we do not supply the belts either)

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Fuelling System - Part 1 PRV - (Pressure Relief Valve)

THORs engines have a rather expensive wildly complex fuel pump, which is 'In Tank' and ECU Controlled. This kit allows the fuelling to be fitted to a conventional High Pressure Fuel Pump (we do a suitbale one see 'Part 2' and, is not only fully adjustable for pressure, buts has a guage so you can always see the running fuel pressure. NOTE : The THOR engines fuelling run at 52 PSI, which is very different to the Earlier Hotwire systems. This kit is complete with a Adjustable PRV Unit, A Passivated Mounting Bracket with All bolts washers etc, High pressure fuel Hose, and a solid Brass 3 Way 'T Piece' plus all fixing to mount PRV to bracket, and ciomes with Full Fitting Instructions. If you need a High Pressure Fuel pump - see below. (This PRV Kit is supplied in ALL our Thor kits).

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Fuelling System - Part 2 High Pressure Fuel pump - 120 PSI

This is a Classic (early type) RR 3.9 EFI High Pressure Fuel pump assembly. Brand New OEM and will output up to 120 PSI and suitable flow for all V8s, but MUST have the PRV above (or something similar) to control the fuelling to a regulated 52 PSI. These unit are chosen as they are robust relaible and man enough - One of these powers my 5.2V8, Simple to Fit (5 bolt / screw fitting), a 2 wire connection - and cheap !. Easy to lengthen (swap the hose for longer, or shorten steel tube to shorten). NOTE : This NOT part of the standard THOR Kits and is an Optional Extra

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Thor AFM replacement unit for MAT sensor AND For PWM Control

This is a AFM for the Thor Unit allowing fitment of our MAT sensor and additionally then links to the PWM controller kit( Below) giving PWM Control. The AFM Unit is fitted between the Plenum Entry and the Air Filter. (These are NOT supplied in our Thor Standard Kits.)

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Thor PWM S/H Control Kit

This is used with the above unit to give full and programmable PWM via 2 wire S/H PWM Unit (suppiled) with 2 x new hoses to connect to Engine and AFM tube, complete with Engraved Passivated mounting plate, Stainless Hose clip. This will immeadiately work with our standard ECUs current or past, without any additional electronics or programming required.(Teese are NOT supplied in our Thor Kits.)

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Thor Plenum TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) Plug Kit

The Thor Engine uses a different TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) to the Hotwire and Flapper Versions. On the THOR engines the Plug that connects the TPS to the engine loom is part of the main engine loom, and thus is often missing. This is a brand new replacement 'Male Plug Kit' with 3x grommets and 3x Pins to be able to connect your new megasquirt V8 Loom to the THOR Plenum TPS Unit. (Supplied in all Thor Kits)

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Thor and GEMS Coil Pack Waterproof Power Plugs

The Standard Thor Conversion kits use the existing Thor Coil Packs, mountings, and Ignition leads, (although you can if you wish upgrade to our Ford G1 Type Coil Packs if required) These Plugs for the Thor Coil Packs, are new, waterproof and complete with Grommets, Pins, and a Silicone Bubber Boot in each Kit. Price is for one unit, a Thor conversion requires 2. (Supplied in all our Thor kits)

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Thor twin Coil Pack Bracket assembly

The THOR Coil packs are not great for deep wading, This Kit gives you a Similar looking Coil Mounting Unit to the THOR Genuine Unit, but allows fitment of the superior Ford Coil Packs G1 type. Fits in exactly same places as the Genuine Item, which is sadly often missing as sold seperatly by many breakers !. Being CNC w/c 4th August

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Twin Coil Pack Bracket - Upgrade Adapter Plates Kit

As you may have read - we specialise with our Kits with the Ford G1 Coil Packs. We like these due to the fact they will run under water. However, we have been asked by numerous customers to make our Coil Pack Bracket Kits to take the Later Coil Units sometimes used in MS2 and MS3 applications which is common on modern VWs Audi Skodas etc P/Ns : 032905106E 032905106B etc as in the pictures opposite.

We have now made our new 'Adapter Plate Kits' for these to now be used on ALL of our existing Coil Pack Kits. Note, these are a ADD ON Kit to the Coil Pack Bracket Kits themselves, oh, and we do NOT supply a Coil !. The Kit comes with 2 x adapter plates, Tower Spacers bolts washer etc etc etc . (NOT Supplied in Kits)

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THOR Throttle Cable for Fitting THOR 4.0 and 4.6 Engines to Land Rover 90 or Defender Accelerator Pedal

When you fit a THOR engine to a Land Rover 90 or Defender the old throttle cable is not going to fit the Thor linkage.

We have secured a stock of a quality unit which will overcome this issue, unsure if it would be long enough on any LHD models - we need to find out !
Works a treat on RHD Models, and won't break the bank either.

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Thor Accelerator Cable / Kickdown Bracket

Oddly, when you see THOR 'Top Ends' avaialable for sale they are missing this bracket !. Its because the cables attached can break easily, so they remove the bracket with them, its one of the odd ball problems we have found !. Hence panic is over... this is a replacement bracket, as Land Rover do NOT sell this part on its own !!.

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MS Thor 'Top End' Conversion kit - Allows fitment of Thor 'Top End' to EXISTING Megasquirted Engines (Excludes THOR Top End Parts !)

The THOR Engine 'top end' is known for giving a MASSIVE increase in bottom end torque (albiet at the expense of a little of Top end). Read what Jeff Waghorn thinks of his THOR Upgrade on his 3.9 here However, although fitment of a Thor top end is a simple nuts and bolts conversion - the problems then start. Many modifications are needed to run this unit - This kit gives you the items and parts needed to allow a simple and easy conversion (after fitment of the THOR Top end parts (which we try to stock - see seperate listings) or fitment of a complete THOR Engine) to get it running. The kit comprises of many items above - Namely, Standard Restrictor Plate / Thermostat Conversion Kit, Coolant pipe take off, Pressure Relief Valve and Bracketry + Hoses, Replacement Coolant Temperature Sensor (Correct MS Codes !), and uses the majority of your existing MS Installation. Also Included is a new MSQ for the ECU to run the Thor Conversion, please advise if 3.5 / 3.9 / 4.0 / 4.6 etc !.. NOTE : This is the basic Kit, Options are available - Upgrade to the Full Thermostat Replacemnt Kit, New TPS Plug, and full PWM Control, Thor Twin Coil Pack Mounting kits for G1 Coils, replacement AFM options etc - Ring To Discuss !.

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S/H Complete Thor 'Top End' Parts for Conversion / Upgrade - AND the MS Install Kit for THOR Conversion (INCLUDES THOR Top end assembly)

Fancy Fitting and Megasquirting your V8 to a THOR top end ?. We try to stock complete Units to allow customers to do this, which along with the 'Top End Conversion Kit' listed above gives you everything you need. This will be : Inlet Manifold Plus 8 THOR Injectors, Fuel rail etc, and the top manifold which is the distinct 'Bananna' Manifold complete with Plenum and Butterfly assembly etc. You may need a few nuts bolts and new gaskets, but all the essentials are there. These Kits fit ALL Rover V8s from a 3.5 carb V8 to Flapper, Hotwire 3.9 / 4.0 / 4.2 V belts of Serpentines and right up to and including 4.6 GEMS V8s. The kit includes - Top End THOR Assembly - ie Inlet Base with Fuel Rail x 8 Injectors, etc and Top Bananna Manifold Plenum etc and INCLUDES the MS Install Kit (Kit being £117) of the various Megasquirt parts needed to make it all run, this kit is for an EXISTING MS V8 Running engine. Phone for details, NOTE : This is the basic Kit, Options are available - Upgrade to the Full Thermostat Replacemnt Kit, New TPS Plug, and full PWM Control, Thor Twin Coil Pack Mounting Kits for the Ford G1 Coils, replacement AFM options etc - Ring To Discuss !..