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Customers Feedback on our Megasquirt V8 Kits, Installations & Products

I'm struggling to find the words to describe just how helpfull Nigel is. After hitting a brick wall with another Megasquirt dealer, Nigel picked up the pieces and between him and MS2 Tuning my truck is finally running. It's an awesome product, and once the 2 guys got on the case I was helped beyond belief.

I can safely say "buy with confidence".. Nothing is too much trouble, even down to helping where a different Megasquirt dealer failed. I'm so grateful to Nigel and to MS2 Tuning - between them your awesome.

You might be thinking that Megasquirt V8 Ltd is all about 4x4 racers and 100% competition trucks ?. Well its not !.

Here is Marc Crome and his lovely Classic Range Rover 3.9 V8 - Now with a full MS V8 MS SnE kit on it, and this picture arriuved - along with these kind words !

Hi Nige. Wooohoooo... I can join the 'fired straight up' club. ... Well done on the instructions !.

Hi Nige, Hope you're well.

The Megasquirt worked really well through the mud and the river in my Discovery at the Rainforest Challenge 2017; didn't misfire at all - Im very pleased!.

AND ......We Brought 2 trophies home (Yaay !)....Thank you for your brilliant Megasquirt Rover V8 Kit & Engine Management System. Regards, Atiqah Abdullah

Really happy with my megasquirt kit from Nigel.
After a few discussions about what was what he steered me towards the THOR kit which was just what my 110 needed. The install was straightforward with a seriously well thought out kit. A a manual that spoke plain English, and is full of useful tips from other megasquirt uses who have fitted the same kit. The design of it means that fitting the v8 into other vehicles is also a lot easier as the loom can be made to work next to existing wiring looms very easily. I converted from diesel to petrol and the only had to splice 1 wire from the exiting loom. The 110 now drives beautifully and being able to advance and adjust spark and lean out or enrich fuel as much as you need to means I can get a lot more out of it than I ever could from the Lucarse system. Loved it so much I have bought another kit for a Rover P6 .......along with pretty much every thing else available in the web shop. Like the rest of his products well thought out and spot on. Click Here THOR V8 Action Video 1 :O) . Click Here THOR V8 Action Video 2:O) Click Here THOR V8 Action Video 3 :O) .... Doug Ward

Firstly and most importantly - THANK YOU, thank you for all your assistance, help and your products this year, first time in many years I have felt I have made a MASSIVE leap forward in the 4x4 world. Not only in reliability but in usability and performance. 1st Pegged diffs. you would not believe the weight off my shoulders with that. Then came Megasquirt. love and hate you for that.. but 99% love.

Secondly. - your Products + Advice, outstanding. Your attention to detail and your time to explain things has reassured me 10 fold in what I'm doing and what I'm buying. Yet to have a incorrect part or advice from you which is saying a lot in this day and age and more importantly seems defo NOT to be the norm from companies these days. Al Leonard IOM 4x4 Club

Huge thumbs up to Nige. I wanted a vehicle with a difference - an engine set up that had never been Squirted before and a custom built setup specifically designed for winch challenge events which needed it to be absolutely ultra reliable, as to win any event the saying goes - 'To Finish 1st - First you have to Finish' The wiring was made simpler with the relay board, which personally I think is a lot neater, ok it adds a bit to the cost but I think its worth it. Nige got it running with a Bestnigeguesstimatebase map + a few frantic phone calls. Whilst it was more than driveable it needed a few tweaks - so up on the Rolling Road and let the man do his stuff. It gained power all through all the ranges. Actually it ended up with MORE BHP than a factory fresh unit ! so much so he had to put 2 limiters on it 1 hard and 1 soft to stop it going 'bang' as these Suzuki engines work better when revved well which does suit my driving style. Keep it up guys you are doing OK Jason 'Nobby' Morgan - Suzuki Grand Vitara J20 4 cylinder engine Megasquirted - Click Here watch my video :O)

My D Lander at Walters Arena in the mud and plenty of water some seriously deep, under bonnet deep - played all day - The V8 didn't miss a beat really pleased with it ! -Richard Hawes. Watch it in action !

As a profesional Auto Electrician I saw why the wiring would be so easy for anyone who was terrified of wiring. Very clever I thought and cracked on with my full install. It didn't run. Not At All. Ziltch. Nothing, Not even a vague atempt at starting. Not a Sausage. And I was less than * impressed. I am ashamed to say I harangued Nige hard, very very and melted his ear. He was calm and said 'We WILL get it running but you have to listen to me.' I listened. It didn't run. Some considerable time later I lost it again with Nige (More ashamed) it was the '..and I NEVER ever had this bl**dy trouble with my old 200 TDi wish now I had never changed it ' that the penny dropped with Nige. My Penny also dropped also around 2 seconds after Nige asked me 'Erm, Nick, What fuel is in the tank ?' Nige you are a Star, a Gent and I apologise so very very much mate, Here is your feedback for the website, I always tell people that I was a plank and you were a star, good luck to you and Megasquirt V8 as you deserve it, Nige is defo one of the good guys, Buy from him, he will support you. Love n Kisses Nick the Idiot

You will not get better support than Nigel at - Jonathan 'Rugrat' Wood - Devon 4x4 Forum

Hiya Nige. ! Thought I would just let you know that you can add me to the list of extremely satisfied customers.I finished fitting your Megasquirt Kit recently - and it started on the second turn of the key ( only due to the VR sensor having to wired round the wrong way ! ). The Installation Manual is spot on and the coloured wiring digram made it all really easy. The PWM controller valve did the trick cos idle was really lumpy on the old Lucas 14cux, but now its well smooth as well as the power delivery. Will prob get it set up on rolling road soon and will let you know the benefits, Thanks again for your help Regards Doug

Yet again awesome customer service. I gave Nige at Megasquirt-V8 a 'difficult timeframe' to work to, ensuring the truck was ready to take on the Worst that the Welsh Xtreme 2015 had to offer. Nigel went above and beyond to ensure that my differentials were fit for purpose and wouldn't be a weak link in the transmission setup. We survived ! JW

ITS ALIVE !!!!!!!, Thanks to Nige for all your help, I can highly recommend you ! Started 1st turn of the Key Ooo here you are - Video Linky Click Here - It's a good kit , has everything to start from scratch - simple instructions and help if needed. I hate wiring normally but quite enjoyed squirting my buggy it seems a lot of cash but you don't have to think of anything, just get stuck in ! Lee 'Turbonutter' Devon 4x4

Got my megasquirt all finished last night. And took it out for a cheeky run. Omg!! It pulls like a runaway train. I can't believe the difference it's made. If you are uumming and areing about doing it. It's worth every penny in my eyes. And the backup service is great as well. Nige is a bit of a god at answering silly questions and explaining the complex of things in the way us normal people can grasp it Rob Curling.

I've been using Megasquirt for a few years now on my full on challenge truck, I've been up to neck on a few occasions and it's performed flawlessly and performed far better than every other system I've ever fitted. Nige is' the man. Bought Pegged diffs too, all I can say is they are firkin strong (They seem to have survived me and Also King Of the Valleys 2012) ! - Oh - and I am 'The Man in the Lake' (Kirton) in the pictures here, 10 ways in, and for 45 minutes it seemed no way out, bonnet in and well under water in that time, never ever missed a beat ! Chris 'Twiggy' Booth

My only advice would be - Go MS1. What started out as a vertical wall of WODDAFOCK is now a fairly flat wall of OH YES I UNDERSTAND THIS QUITE NICELY NOW ACTUALLY and it works REALLY REALLY well on my RV8 in my Disco and is an offroad dream vs what was an offroad nightmare. Buy everything from Nige, he's bonkers raving mental which will take you some time to come to terms with but is a genuinely top guy and has made a cracking business which in turn provides a cracking product to us, the customer. When my full kit arrived this time last year, OMG Christmas came early that year. Sam Merrell aka Mr Noisey

What REALLY gets my goat is when someone decides to go Megasquirt or Megajolt ...has problems.....and then the seller 'vanishes' and refuses to answer calls. Such was the very desperate phone call I had with Scott Benwell. After a LONG chat, and some parts shipped and a major re-jig of what he had, I was chuffed to bits to both hear it was finally running (as it should have been) and to get this on the Megasquirt V8 'Facebook' Page : "Hi Nige. Thanks for all your help. Should of come to you before using another makers head work. Racer runs and revs like a dream the Safari season just can't come quick enough. Thanks again. Oh, and I'm also on special stage - any large stickes going I've got space. Oh, Erm and 'PS Nige' heres the Video Proof that it goes like S*** o** a S***** ...Thanks. Scott Click Here

I often get asked about "Relibility' of Megasquirt ......I had a Phone call from Jon (the owner of this truck). Land Rover 90 V8 4.6 MS1 V3 on EDIS + Full Spark n Fuel Control (pretty much our 'Standard kit' ). Jon phoned me to say that after massive work commitments it had meant his challenge truck had been dumped in his back garden after its last major competition outling, uncleaned, unloved and just sat there open to the elements for 18 months + ..... Now having some free time he he had charged the batteries up ...cranked it ...and it started 6th turn of the key.....Frankly this was surprising as it used to start 3rd turn of the key....6th turn .........and he wanted to discuss warranty .....:D . pmsl. As Jon said "I Love Megasquirt Nige"....thanks Jon... ...' Here is the restart after 18+Months !

Too many people say they must have MS2 or 3 as MS1 is old and basic ...isn't it ?. I have lost count of how many times I have explained that MS1 does more than they will probably ever need ....and then some...... Que Chris 'Twiggy' Booth from Up't'North...... He has had MS1 V8 on his 3.9 challenge truck for some years, abused it and loves it, now he sent me this : 'Hey, hey, hey, the beast is alive, the 3.9 V8 now + Supercharger is up and running, watch out you sooters and listen for the whoooosh, "what the f*** was that", well it was Boothy boys. ...' Click Here Video 1 and Click Here for Video 2 2 x videos of it being set up on the rolling road .... It was set to top out at 5500rpm which was about 95 ish mph, but very noisy and hectic, but you can see how quick it picks up in top gear and that was with a fair old up-bank load on the rollers, trouble is if you gun from tick over it knackers the boxes up pretty quickly... Love MS1 thats MS ONE + Supercharger.....Yeehaaaa

Hiya Nige. Here's a wee pic of the truck. Just wanted to say a big thanks for the Megasquirt Kit. Top notch customer service from you all the way through the install, will be recommending you to anyone who asks about MS,..... Top Man ....PLUS !!! : Just passed the MOT. Tester was amazed at the emissions with no 'Cats' - Shows what MS is capable of :-) Regards Ian Adams (MS Fan)