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Megasquirt V8 - For 'Serpentine 3.9 V8 Engines

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Trigger Wheel Kit - For 3.9 SERPENTINE Engines - Deep Zinc Passivated finish.

Specifically designed for the 'V' Belt 3.9 V8 Engin types in this section. Kit contains 3 x CNC Parts - a 5mm Trigger Wheel, its thickness gives reliability in both wheel strength and high quality system signal - even in bonnet deep mud, 'Slots' to allow adjustment to aid setting timing correctly and compensation for if you don't ! (around +/- 9 degrees), a CNC Steel 'Spacer' ring giving the correct 'Spacing Gap' from the 'Pulley Wheel', and a CNC 'Locking Ring', all having a deep 'Zinc Passivation' (Gold colour) finish.

The kit comes complete with 6 x Bolts as the standard ones will be too short, and 6 new nylocs, and is designed to be used in conjunction with our VR Sensor Mounting Kit listed below.
(Supplied in all 3.5 3.9 4.2 V Belt Kits) See Installation Video

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The Twin Coil Pack Kit designed for 3.9 Serpentine V8 engines.

Space is very tight on this engine. As such it's essential the Distributor is removed and replaced with the CNC Dinky Dizzy to give room to fit this New Coil Pack Kit. Once the Distributor is removed, and the CNC Dizzy Replacement unit fitted, this Kit can then be fitted and comes complete with all nuts bolts and washers etc to fit the twin coil packs in the space now freed up. (Supplied in all 3.9 Serpentine Kits)

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Twin Coil Pack Bracket - Upgrade Adapter Plates Kit

As you may have read - we specialise with our Kits with the Ford G1 Coil Packs. We like these due to the fact they will run under water. However, we have been asked by numerous customers to make our Coil Pack Bracket Kits to take the Later Coil Units sometimes used in MS2 and MS3 applications which is common on modern VWs Audi Skodas etc P/Ns : 032905106E 032905106B etc as in the pictures opposite.

We have now made our new 'Adapter Plate Kits' for these to now be used on ALL of our existing Coil Pack Kits. Note, these are a ADD ON Kit to the Coil Pack Bracket Kits themselves, oh, and we do NOT supply a Coil !. The Kit comes with 2 x adapter plates, Tower Spacers bolts washer etc etc etc . (NOT Supplied in Kits)

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VR Sensor Mounting Kit for 3.9 Serpentine Engines.

This VR Sensor Mounting Kit has 3 way adjustment, this is to help with fine tuning of the'Air Gap', correct Timing Position, and correct alignment of the Trigger Wheel to get a full and clear signal by being central. Similarly the 2nd picture shows this kit in the fitted position with the Trigger Wheel Mounted. (Supplied in all 3.9 Serpentine Kits)

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3.9 Passenger Side Breather Conversion Kit

On both the 3.9 'V Belt' & 'Serpentine' Engines there is a small mushroom shaped 'Breather' on the rear of the passenger Rover Cover. It is ESSENTIAL that it is removed and this kit fitted - replacing the entire assembly with this neat Engine Breather Kit. It contains a 'Push tube in to fit' reusable fitting for the rocker cover, 2 Metres of Tube, plus a additional reuseable push on Filter unit for the end to enable remote mounting. The tube is easily detached from either fitting should the need arise by pushing down the locking ring to allow the tube to be removed. These are NOT supplied in Standard Kits - And are an Optional Extra.)

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Power Steering remote Breather Conversion Kit

Ahoy there Submariners !. On many of the rover V8s the Power Steering Reservoir is a Plastic round unit with a star shaped screw on top. Many people do not know that this top contains a breather and if you going playing "Submarines" the PAS Reservoir will fill with muddy water, emulsify the ATF Fluid, and then very quickly not only wreck your PAS Pump but a good chance of the PAS Box as well !. Hence this kit, fits into the PAS Cap, and with a quick release fitting for being able to check levels etc, and 3 Metres of Tube, plus a Filter unit for the end to enable remote mounting. (These are ONLY supplied as an optional extra not everyone will play this deep in the water.)

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COMPLETE 3.9 Style Air Flow Meter Replacement Unit

We have managed to source a small number of 3.9 V8 Hotwire type Air Flow Meters, where we are able to remove the end plates, fix to our own AFM replacement tube and offer a COMPLETE unit. The small additional cost of buying this outright is more than offset by selling a Working 3.9 Hotwire AFM on ebay vs cannibalising it !. These are sold as an 'outright' unit No surcharge, and can then be connected directly to the special 3.9 Air Filter Box through the mounting system

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Dumpy Dizzy for 3.9 Serpentine Engines

CNC Machined NON Exchange 'Billet' Dinky Dizzy for Serpentine V8s. Machined from High Quality Aluminium, complete with a new Genuine LR Distributor 'O' Ring. These Units MUST be fitted if using our Twin Coil Pack Mounting Kits, as the existing Distributor fouls. However, being 'Non Exchange' your old Distributor can then be sold, and may repay more than you might imagine ! (Supplied in all 3.9 Serpentine Kits)

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3.9 Serpentine PWM Control Kit - Pre Loved 'Genuine Bosch' Controller unit

This is the same Controller Kit as above, but we have managed to source a number of good used genuine bosch units.

Whilst these might be used - the genuine bosch units are really well made, we don't see these new as they are over £190 !!.

As above - this kit is designed to give you PWM Control on your engine. PWM control is already built and programmed into all our ECUs, so connect it up and it will work straight away. and it is programmable, so you can fine tune the tickover control and the cold start settings to suit you and your engine. The PWM Kits are again Engine Specific, this one is designed for the 3.9 Serpentine. Kit comes complete with new hoses, a screw in Allen Bung for the Stepper Motor hole, and a New PWM Control unit. Whilst not essential for a MS conversion (indeed many racers just don't bother with it, it is however a 'Nice to have' and makes for a more civilised engine both in starting from cold and helping to give a rock-solid tickover ) (This is an OPTIONAL EXTRA on all 3.9 Serpentine Kits).

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3.9 Serpentine PWM Controller - Mounting Bracket Kit

A CNC Deep Passivated Mounting Bracket for the 3.9 PWM Controller kit listed above. Comes complete with all fixings for conecting to the engine and to the PWM Controller itself. Very popular as it holds everything in place whilst your crashing about ! (NOT supplied in the kits - this is an optional extra) (This is an OPTIONAL EXTRA on all 3.9 Kits)

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AFM (Air Flow Meter standalone unit)

We now do 3 Models of the 'Megasquirt V8 AFM (Air Flow Meter) Replacement Units'. The 1st is complete replacement unit, and is more suited to those who really need the absolute confidence of having a more waterproof solution. This Model completely replaces the original AFM Assembly which can then be sold. It is designed to replace the AFM where currently fitted, and is secured by 2 Hoses – 1 Hose between Plenum and the Unit, the other between the unit and Air Filter Housing + Snorkel. The MAT sensors supplied by us are a direct fitment into this assembly. (These are NOT supplied in our Standard Kits and are an Optional Extra.)

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AFM (Air Flow Meter replacement - Uses part of a 3.9 AFM Unit)

The 2nd option is the Model shown opposite. This unit uses the end part of an existing 3.9 Hotwire AFM Assmebly which bolts to the end of the new replacement AFM flange with suitable sealer (LR STC50550 is recomended). This reassembled unit then allows the standard V8 Air Filter Housing to be clipped back into place and maintains everything in the standard position within the engine bay. However, this factory join from AFM to Air Filter Box is sealed with just 2 x O rings, and for deep water wading this factory seal can fail, hence why in competition the complete replacement unit is more often used

However, as a huge Bonus either unit (as can be seen from the picture) offers a vast increase in air flow through the larger unrestricted Gap, which in turn offers an increase in performance which Megasquirt will take advantage of ! (These are NOT supplied in our Standard Kits and are an Optional Extra.)

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AFM (Air Flow Meter replacement - 'Le Stubby')

The 3rd option is the 'Le Stubby' - These are as a result of being asked for something very very short where space is a premium. So, these are just 70mm long including being flared both ends. The actual 'Mounting Boss' for the Sensor is 20mm, so, if you add say a hose and have it 25mm inserted into each end, then in effect the unit takes up just 20mm !. Deep Passivate finished, good for those engine bays like mine - that have 'Aaaargh ...bugger all room' problem . (These are NOT supplied in our Standard Kits and are an Optional Extra.)