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although we are open as a business it may take more time than normal to respond

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How to Navigate this Website and Webshop

Customers who use this site will range from those saying "What's Megasquirt ?" to those who know far more than us, and will know what they want.

The site is laid out more for the 'Enthusiastic Beginner' than the 'Techie Guru'. Those familiar with Megasquirt will quickly identify exactly what they want or need in seconds, BUT, if your new to Megasquirt it can seem hugely overwhelming at 1st, so hence the way the site has been designed. Here you can chose everything from a Full Engine Specific Kit, right down to a single item, and everything in between.

For all Megasquirt 'Installs' there are a few things to consider

All Megasquirt installs share the same items, some of these items will be identical across the entire range of Rover V8s, or or even maybe on an engine your thinking of 'Squirting' we call these "Generic Parts". Some things will be required on all 'Squirted Engines' but vary in type or design or size from one engine to another, here these are "Specific Parts"

Along the Left Hand side you will see the 'Links' for the various Rover V8 Engine Types, grouped into the least amount of variants. A good starting point is to study the Engine type(s) you are interested in, and the differences between the Specific Parts in each Link. The 'Generic Parts' Section on the website lists those parts that are used on ALL the Kits and Installs, whilst the 'Optional Extras' section shows products that whilst not essential, can make for an easier install or a more civilised result.

Specific Parts. Parts that are Specific to your engine, and vary from model to model.

Examples are parts such as Twin Coil Pack Mounts, VR Sensor Mounts, Megasquirt V8 Trigger Wheels, PWM Mountings &Hoses etc. What will fit a 3.5 EFI may well NOT fit a 4.6 Serpentine V8. Therefore you need to visit the links opposite for the V8 engine derivative you have, and see engine Specific Parts available for your engine.

Generic Parts. Parts shared and Generic to all conversions to Megasquirt

There are a vast range of products that we have tried to make, or indeed are "Universal" on all Engines, and you will need these whichever V8 you have.

Examples are parts such as The Ford Coil Packs, Lambda Sensor Unit, Megasquirt ECU, EDIS 8 Loom & Pigtail Plug, Ford Coil Pack Plugs, Waterproof Plugs, Weld in MAT &Lambda Plugs, VR Sensors, MAT Sensors, Vacuum Hose and many more

Our Webshop is always as up to date as we can have it, if we are showing stock, then we have stock. If we are showing 'Out of Stock' we may have just not been able to update the Web Shop - Ring and Ask !