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Megasquirt V8 - Optional Extras

None of these are essential for a Megasquirt installation but each has its place and can make a huge difference making life easier, so we have decided these are a good idea to have on our Webshop.

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Megasquirt V8 Rev Counter Tacho Conversion board Screw Type

On Megasquirt, when you convert from the Lucas system and a traditional 'Coil' driven Rev / Tacho Counter, MS won't have the Rev Counter work without internal modifications ....

So, this little beauty - about 40mm x 30mm will allow you to run your rev counter without any modifications to the ECU !. Simply run 1 x wire from each of the A B C D coil feeds to the board - this is a 'Screw' type unit - ( see above for a 'Solder' type option ), then connect your rev counter to the Tower screw Hole saying 'Tacho Out'

All 5 of the connections are engraved on the board, once done either "pot" it up, or seal it up and job is done !.
Very limited launch stock, if these prove popular we will get them made in volume and have more stock. (NOT Supplied in Kits)

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Serial Port on MS ECU to USB On PC a properly 100% guaranteed stable Adapter Cable

Over 10 Years I have tried, and heard of many sagas and stories of USB to Serial Adapter units that basically are either 'Super Flakey' - orr just plain do not work

Finally ...and after more unsuccessful trials than I care to think about - we have this !

Absolutely, 100% Guaranteed Stable & Simple - no CDs or Drivers to Download and then give you error messages - Buy this plug it in - open 'Tuner Studio' - and it just bloody works !

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Twin Coil Pack Bracket Upgrade Adapter Plates Kit

As you may have read - we specialise with our Kits with the Ford G1 Coil Packs. We like these due to the fact they will run under water. However, we have been asked by numerous customers to make our Coil Pack Bracket Kits to take the Later Coil Units sometimes used in MS2 and MS3 applications which is common on modern VWs Audi Skodas etc P/Ns : 032905106E 032905106B etc as in the pictures opposite.

We have now made our new 'Adapter Plate Kits' for these to now be used on ALL of our existing Coil Pack Kits. Note, these are a ADD ON Kit to the Coil Pack Bracket Kits themselves, oh, and we do NOT supply a Coil !. The Kit comes with 2 x adapter plates, Tower Spacers bolts washer etc etc etc part no's being (NOT Supplied in Kits)

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DIY V8 Ignition Lead Set

High Quality and Good Condition Ignition Leads are key to any V8 running smoothly, more so when your engine is either covered with or going under deep water. This kit allows you to build up a set of Ultra-High quality leads at sensible cost. Double Insulated Leads, Stainless Steel Terminals for both Coil and Plug ends keep corrosion at bay. Complete with new Silicone Boots and Hoods. Full Instructions Included, also consider the ‘Crimper’ Unit below to make professional durable and easy crimps. (These are NOT supplied in our Standard Kits and are an Optional Extra.)

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Ignition Lead Crimper

Making good 'Crimps' on the Ignition leads is essential. Up to now its been either a choice of doing the best you can – or investing in a hugely expensive crimping tool. These are Imported from the USA and are vastly superior to anything else we have found even at 4 x the price. Simple to use, making superb professional 'Crimps', not cheap, but not expensive either - and will save you a large amount of time and grumbling. (These are NOT supplied in our Standard Kits and are an Optional Extra.)

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74 degree Thermostat for reducing V8 Running Temperatures

Keeping a V8 engine cool when being worked hard can be a task and a half !. This low temperature running Thermostat will reduce the overall running temperatures of your V8. Fits at models with the standard '2 bolt' fixing making a significant difference. These are the hard to obtain '74 Degree Stat' (most V8 are 88-92 !) we have managed to source a number of these, when they are gone they may well be gone for a while. As a guide ALL rover V8s run best at around a target temperature of 80-85 degrees, more than this means strain on head gaskets and liners, esp 4.6s !

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Rover V8 Thermostat Restrictor 3 Plate Kit

Ideally a Rover V8 should have a cooling system that over cools the engine, the thermostat then regulates the temperature. In reality V8s in competition struggle to remain cool, or cool down fast if they get over hot. Race engines often don't run thermostats, if they jam the engine will suffer massive damage in seconds. Restrictor plates give massive cooling control, fast de-heat times and an improved coolant flow (even open a thermostat is very restrictive). These kits have 3 x CNC machined Discs in 3 x sizes in special Al Alloy 5251-H22 (Just in case you thought it was any old Ali !) The plates each giving differing flow rates allowing you to 'tune' your engine. Start with the mid size, then either go higher or lower or stay with it - target around 80-85 degress. These made a huge difference to my engine when fitted - so we thought we should put them in here !. Just be aware that the engine will take slightly longer to warm up from cold - but this pay off is worth it !!

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Rover V8 Complete EFI Hotwire Inlet Assembly - Contact us & Read Below

If you have a Carb Engine or the Old 'Flapper' EFI Assembly, then we stock these complete Top Ends for a easy trouble free upgrade. (We do NOT recomend Megasquirting the V8 Flapper System). Each unit comprises of Inlet manifold and all fittings, Trumpet base and Plenum Etc. Each unit has all the parts required such as the PRV (pressure relief Valve) Fuel Rail + 8 Injectos, TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) Throttle linkages etc. Be careful if you buy elsewhere those "Just missing x y and z parts mate" can really add up !. These are stocked by us to help support Carb and EFI Upgrade customers looking to Megasquirt. We do not sell them on their own. To enquire just email or ring us. Lastly we have a selection - this is just one example, we have 4.0s 4.6s and 3.9s often you can chose what you would like !

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Air Flow Meter Tube stand alone version

We now do 3 Models of the 'Megasquirt V8 AFM (Air Flow Meter) Replacement Units'. The 1st is complete replacement unit, and is more suited to those who really need the absolute confidence of having a more waterproof solution. This Model completely replaces the original AFM Assembly which can then be sold. It is designed to replace the AFM where currently fitted, and is secured by 2 Hoses – 1 Hose between Plenum and the Unit, the other between the unit and Air Filter Housing + Snorkel. The MAT sensors supplied by us are a direct fitment into this assembly. (These are NOT supplied in our Standard Kits and are an Optional Extra.)

Good Stock


Air Flow Meter tube which uses part of a 3.9 AFM Unit

The 2nd option is the Model shown opposite. This unit uses the end part of an existing 3.9 Hotwire AFM Assmebly which bolts to the end of the new replacement AFM flange with suitable sealer (LR STC50550 is recomended). This reassembled unit then allows the standard V8 Air Filter Housing to be clipped back into place and maintains everything in the standard position within the engine bay. However, this factory join from AFM to Air Filter Box is sealed with just 2 x O rings, and for deep water wading this factory seal can fail, hence why in competition the complete replacement unit is more often used

However, as a huge Bonus either unit (as can be seen from the picture) offers a vast increase in air flow through the larger unrestricted Gap, which in turn offers an increase in performance which Megasquirt will take advantage of ! (These are NOT supplied in our Standard Kits and are an Optional Extra.)

Good Stock


Air Flow Meter tube the Le Stubby Version

The 3rd option is the 'Le Stubby' - These are as a result of being asked for something very very short where space is a premium. So, these are just 70mm long including being flared both ends. The actual 'Mounting Boss' for the Sensor is 20mm, so, if you add say a hose and have it 25mm inserted into each end, then in effect the unit takes up just 20mm !. Deep Passivate finished, good for those engine bays like mine - that have 'Aaaargh ...bugger all room' problem . (These are NOT supplied in our Standard Kits and are an Optional Extra.)