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Complete Megasquirt V8 MS SnE (Spark & Fuel) Kits

Flavour PicOur Megasquirt V8 Kits are 'Engine Specific' and contain everything required for a complete installation.

You have a choice of a Full 'DIY' Kit - where from the kit instructions you assemble your own wiring loom supplied in the kit
A Full Kit which includes a professionally fully made wiring loom which is virtually Plug 'n Play !

  • With either our 'DIY' Kits or the 'Fully Made Loom Kit' both include :

  • All Megasquirt V8 Engine Brackets - Trigger Wheel, Twin Coil Pack Mounting, & VR Sensor Kits - Specific to the engine you have !
  • New Genuine Fuel Parts Coil Packs (x2), and a used EDIS 8 & connector Plug
  • New Fuel Parts Sensors - VR Sensor, Manifold Air Termperature & Lambda Sensor.
  • Weld on mounting Bosses for Lambda and MAT Sensor, plus Blanking plug for Lambda
  • Two New Genuine 'Ford' G1 Coil Pack Power Plugs
  • New Coil Plug End Ignition Ends Kit, Megasquirt ECU to PC Communication Cable.
  • Full Megasquirt V8 MS S’nE Loom Ready made OR the DIY Loom Kit
  • Hugely Comprehensive 100+ Page Full Megasquirt V8 Installation Manual and Build CD
  • A Dumpy Dizzy is NOT supplied in any Kits EXCEPT the 3.9 Serpentine V8 which has to have one ! (Add from the engine specific pages if wanted on other Engine Kits.)
  • On the 4.0 / 4.6 Serpentine Kits you use your EXISTING Coil Pack Mounting and Coils and Leads, so these parts are NOT Included as Standard
  • ECU – Fully Built & Fully Programmed 'ready to run' with V8 Engine Specific Software Loaded (both come with ECU CD*)
  • ECU CD* – All software, back up Program for engine, all wiring Diagrams & Instructions
  • SAVE ! - Cheaper than buying all the above individually & with Insured Delivery - to your door

Flavour Pic
  Kit with DIY Wiring Loom   Kit with fully built Wiring Loom   Kit with fully built Wiring Loom + Tacho Upgrade wiring
3.5 V Belts Kit*
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Low Stock
3.9 V Belts Kit
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Good Stock
3.9 Serpentine Kit
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Good Stock
4.0 Serpentine Kit
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Good Stock
4.6 Serpentine Kit
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4.0 or 4.6 THOR V8 Kit
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*We don’t recommend using the Flapper Injector System as it is.

On 'V8 Flapper' systems we suggest you find a 'Hotwire' Inlet & Injector assembly and upgrade. These can be sourced sometimes reasonably cheaply, and offer a vast improvement over the 'Flapper' items. However, the good news is we try to hold stock of used, but good condition, Top End Hotwire assemblies . For Example the Inlet Manifolds ( with Fuel Rail PRV 8 x Injectors etc ), also Trumpet Bases and Plenum units - to swap over to Hotwire system from Flapper.

Please note : WE DO NOT SELL THESE SEPERATELY, they are reserved to be sold only with Full Kits or Near full kits. Phone or E-Mail For Information - Prices are probably less than you think, as we would rather make it cheap to 'Go Hotwire' than have you try to go and Megasquirt a V8 Flapper System !!!!

For information - Flapper Trumpet Bases and Flapper Plenums are a direct fit to any Hotwire Manifolds / Injector assemblies and a 'Flapper' to 'Hotwire' change over is a simple 'nuts and bolts' swap