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What do I need to Megasquirt my Engine ?

There are an eye watering number of ways you could Megasquirt your engine, the choice is wide.

The route we have chosen from the outset, is a well proven, robust, reliable and simple soklution.

It might sound terifying but our route is via 'MS1 SnE V3.57 with 029y4' software + EDIS 8' !!. Don't panic, things will be clearer lower down this page.

Many Megasquirt V8 customers are Land Rover V8 peeps (but not all), many frequent the excellent, where there is wealth of help and support in its own 'Megasquirt' Forum, pretty much Rover V8 Based!.
Some of the members came to us, knowing NOTHING about the system, yet now advise others on specialist areas like Supercharging a Megasquirted V8, or LPG Timing Maps etc etc. well worth signing up to, and its free.

We try to offer a full solution, the ECU is the easy bit, BUT... be aware of NON Genuine MS ECUs. The quality is terrible, and frankly you are just wasting your money.
You will also find little support within the MS Community as well.
The 'MS ECU Copies' stuff is not only junk, but hugely frowned on for all the right reasons. ALL our ECUs and ECU parts are Genuine Megasquirt, and will always be that way

So, There are some things you are going to need - 'MS1 SnE V3.57 with 029y4' software + EDIS 8'

  • A Rover V8 engine in decent condition (Megasquirt will not sort out mechancial issues !).
  • Each of the V8 Rover Engine variants have their own 'Tabs' on the Main Menu.
  • A V8 Trigger Wheel - Ours are Engine Specific. Plated or Unplated Full Kits.
  • EDIS 8 Module (Electronic Distributorless Ignition System) & the special Connecting Plug with wires.
  • Twin Coil Packs, we supply New Ford G1 units. Excellent 40,000v output, cheap, reliable, & waterproof.
  • 2 x Coil Pack 'Plugs' - We supply Genuine Ford New Units with all new pins and seals.
  • A MS1 Genuine B&G Megasquirt V3.57 'ECU' Unit + the operating system 029y4. Either Fully Built,.... or for you to Build.
  • Lambda 4 wire heated 'Narrow Band' Lambda Sensor. No, they are not "All the same" and No, you do not Need a 'Wide Band'.
  • A MAT (Manifold Air Temperature Sensor) - Ours are calibrated for MS ECUs, not requiring software changes or reprogramming!.
  • A CTS (Coolant Temperature Sensor) - any Rover V8 Standard Unit up to late 'THOR' Units will be OK - DO NOT use Intermotor.
  • A VR Sensor (Variable Resistance Sensor) - We supply New 'Fuel parts' units - Held in one of our neat VR sensor Brackets.
  • Various 'Megasquirt-V8' Brackets, to hold the 2 x Ford G1 Coils, the VR Sensor, MAT Sensor, PWM and Lambda Sensor units.
  • A Megasquirt V8 Custom loom Kit - this is the easiest way and probably the most reliable for the future.
  • Possibly new Spark Plug Leads Kit to suit Ford Coil Packs to Rover V8 Plugs, or keep your leads & change the ends.
  • The Megasquirt 'Shunt Kit'. Used if when you start your engine it refuses to turn 'off' on the key !
  • Communication Cable. Enabling you to Program & Modify the ECU . All our Built ECUs come fully programmed with 'Back Up' CD
  • A good long careful look through the 'Optional Extras' listings in the Main menu & see below
  • Beer... and some patience... and maybe some more Beer

Optional Extras for your Megasquirt Project. These are all in more detail in the 'Optional Extras' Tab in the Main Menu

  • PWM Unit Kit. In simple terms an "Auto Choke" to aid cold starting & give a rock solid tickover control.
  • PWM Mounting Kit
  • Megasquirt V8 'Dinky Dizzy. Essentials for waterproofing. On 3.9 Serpentine supplied in kit. Also adds that 'Bling' factor !
  • AFM Replacement Tube (Air Flow Meter). Complete ready to fit 3 x types all take our MAT sensor.
  • Stim' Kit - Plugs into the ECU and pretends it's an engine. Great for learning, tuning, & essential if Building your own ECU.
  • New EDIS 8 Plug Kit - All new with Pins etc to aviod joints on wiring harness)
  • And more. Go have a look. Any Questions just Ask
  • More beer on hand